Coffee. For some, it is the only thing that can start their brain after waking up. For some people, it triggers their cognitive brain. From billionaires to high school students, thinkers to artists, Coffee is the only common thing in their life. And good coffee is everything a coffee lover can wish for. Two dreamers Abelardo and Antonia Santos dreams of starting a company to deliver high-quality coffee beans to people and use their enormous knowledge and experience productively. They had years of experience in the coffee production industry, and they had a vision. That dream was the foundation of Coffeegems.

The Santos family had the skill to recognize the quality coffee beans, the knowledge to keep fresh and unadulterated, and how to deliver them to different coffee companies. Started as a small family-based business, Coffeegems took its first step on the 23rd of November 2015. Our company is a bridge between coffee plantations and coffee companies. We aim to be one of the highly rated companies in the world that provide high-quality coffee beans to coffee companies, directly picked from the coffee fields. Coffeegems operates beyond the border and serves coffee companies around the globe. Our company operates in over 60 countries and plans to expand its operations in other countries as there is a high demand for our coffee beans throughout the world. Right now, Coffeegems supplies Coffee beans to more than 100 coffee brands globally. Presently the number of companies we are associated with is 220. We hope to increase our family steadily.

It is our transparent business model and trust of our clients that made us a 100% debt-free company and allow us to witness a massive growth since the day of establishment. We are slowly but gradually expanding our business - one thing we always prioritize is the quality of the beans. We know how a perfect cup of coffee helps to start your day, and we are always willing to make that start perfect. That is why we check the quality of the coffee beans before sending the sample to our clients. Our team meticulously studied all the coffee beans and chose on five exquisite coffee gems from different parts of the world, offering unique flavors. Our journey to get the premium quality coffee beans is more of a quest or a treasure hunt.

Our vision is holistic and straightforward. We aim to supply the world's best beans for your company's coffee production so that your clients could enjoy the most excellent quality coffee. We realize your desire to serve the most aromatic coffee to your consumers, and we are always eager to make your wish a reality. With a simple set of professional ethics, beliefs, and honest effort, we are serving all the coffee lovers around the globe. The company has earned its reputation because of the business model and consistent quality of the coffee beans. We work as the extended family of our clients. We know the value of a cup of coffee for you and your reputation, and that understanding is the bedrock of our reputation.