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We have carefully chosen five exquisite varieties of coffee beans from around the globe. Each of these varieties of coffee beans has its own story of origin and processing, which results in its fantastic flavor. All the coffee beans are excellent but utterly different from each other. ‘Globalisation of coffee beans’ is what it should be called after looking at the way coffee beans are traveling and winning hearts around the world. You could choose any variety based on what type of coffee you want to produce and for which target customers. So, let’s dive into the sea of coffee beans and let you take your pick.

The Jamaican Blue Coffee is one of the most sought after coffee beans in the world. This variety of coffee has a mild flavor and is less bitter. As the name suggests, the coffee is grown in the blue mountains of Jamaica. There are three grades of this fabulous variety of coffee.

Kopi Luwak comprises of both Arabica and Robusta coffee grown on Java and Sumatra Islands of Indonesia. The coffee is collected from the waste of the Luwak animal, washed thoroughly, cleaned, sun-dried, and finally roasted. Kopi Luwak, also called crap coffee or civet, has an unmatchable flavor and taste.

Geisha or Gesha variety of coffee originated in Ethiopia and later traveled to Panama. The Hacienda La Esmeralda is an award-winning variety of exceptional Geisha coffee. This type of expensive coffee is grown in the volcanic mountain ridges around the Boquete River Valley in Panama. The resultant coffee has a floral and robust fragrance.

Finca El Grarto coffee from western Guatemala is grown in the shade and dried in the sun. These tiny-sized and distinctively shaped coffee beans hold a position among the best and most expensive in the world. This variety of coffee has a fruity flavor, along with a hint of honey.

Black Ivory coffee, a luxury product that has limited availability, is one of the most expensive and smooth coffee beans in the world. This type of coffee beans is collected from the waste of the elephant after it consumed Arabica coffee beans. This form of coffee uses the elephant’s digestive juices in a natural way to present a coffee option that is less bitter and fine taste. These coffee beans from Thailand have specific flavors unmatched by any other process.


Varieties of Beans

We traveled to various parts of the world and zeroed down on five exclusive coffee beans, each completely different from another yet with the same quality of excellence.

Hours of Testing

Our journey just started with choosing the coffee beans. We could not offer anything but the best for your company. So, our team of experts spends 123 hours on testing a particular variety of coffee beans before approving it.

Coffee Markets

We have covered 321 coffee markets around the world, and we feel that the journey has just started.

Coffee Brands

We are proud to share that our name is associated with around 220 coffee brands, and we are still counting as more and more people join us.


We commit to delivering coffee beans without any unwanted interference in its flavor. To achieve this objective, our team takes extra care in packaging and transporting the coffee beans in an intact condition with its original character. After all, the coffee beans are traveling the world and going places.

Our Gallery

We follow a policy of transparency and open communication. We would love to share with you the origin of the coffee beans you are buying. Take a look at the journey of coffee beans with us and witness the joint effort towards making your coffee an amazing cuppa for your customers.
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